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WARSAW, 13-15 MARCH, 2008
Anna Marciniak-Czochra (BIOMS, University of Heidelberg)
Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM, University of Warsaw)
Anna Trykozko (ICM, University of Warsaw)
Igor Doktorski (IWR, University of Heidelberg)

Due to the revolutionary new technologies that have arisen in the field of biological data collection, an enormous amount of information on a molecular and cellular scale has become available and much has been learned about the molecular components involved in signal transduction during normal and pathological development. Such progress is producing a growing need to quantitatively understand and manipulate this data and translate it into practical applications. Researchers in computational and theoretical biology are using a variety of mathematical approaches to understand and manipulate biological processes.

This workshop is devoted to mathematical modelling of the transport processes and regulatory feedbacks in multicellular systems, particularly their stochastic and spatial aspects. Recent results and theoretical methods from nonlinear dynamics and stochastic processes will be discussed in the context of applications to the study of the collective properties of biological systems.
The main topics to be studied are:
  • Stochastic modelling in biology
  • Modelling of intra-cellular signalling pathways
  • Diffusion and transport processes in cell systems

The workshop is organised within the framework of the Polish-German Graduate College (Research Training Group 710) and Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences.