The Graduate College "Complex processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization"

Graduate College
Pawinskiego 5a
02-106 Warsaw

fax: +48 22 8749115

The International Graduate College is constantly looking for highly qualified students with outstanding study records. The number of stipends varies however, and is limited by the available financial means of the Graduate College.
Interested students should submit their applications to

Vice-Chairman of the Graduate College
Dr Anna Trykozko

Questions concerning the scientific aspects of a possible doctoral fellowship will be directly addressed to the corresponding scientific group.

A candidate applying to the Graduate College must meet the following minimal criteria
- possess an academic degree compatible with the requirements for a doctoral student status in one of the participating faculties
- grades well above-average
- proficiency in English
- scientific interest that is in agreement with the research topics of the Graduate College
- will and capability to actively participate in the Graduate College

Candidates that pass through the first stage of the selection procedure are then addressed to potential supervisors. The supervisors are independent scientists that participate in the work of the Graduate College. If the supervisors accept the candidate, the next step is to work out the details of the PhD project.

Candidates with a promising background and convincing application material will be invited to present themselves in front of a selection committee. The selection committee then decides about acceptance of the candidate, based on - the written dissertation proposal and a work programme,
- a 15 minutes oral presentation of the candidate (in English) with following discussion,
- the certificates of academic qualifications, CV, list of publications, and other achievements of the candidate
- the two letters of recommendation,
- a written statements of both envisaged supervisors that the project has been worked out with their active participation and that they are committed to act as supervisors. Furthermore, one of the supervisors must declare himself thesis advisor and assign the place where the conferment of doctorate will take place.

The most important decision criteria are - the scientific qualifications and the personality of the candidate,
- the scientific value of the proposed project and work programme, in particular their degree of interdisciplinarity and innovation,
- the success prospects of the project depending on the qualifications of the candidate and the prospective engagement of the advisors.
The selection committee can impose conditions on or modifications of the project.

In the case the candidates are PhD students or workers of scientific/academic institutions, a statement from their superiors is required expressing the agreement to the participation of the candidate in the Graduate College, and especially to long-term research stays at IWR.

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