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The Graduate College "Complex processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization"

Graduate College
Pawinskiego 5a
02-106 Warsaw

e-mail: gradkol@icm.edu.pl
fax: +48 22 8749115

PhD projects - IGK Warsaw
Maciej Cytowski (ICM)Numerical solutions of nonlinear diffusion processes overevolving geometriesProf. M. Niezgòdka (ICM) / Prof. R. Rannacher (IWR)
Anna Fogtman (ICM)Application proteomics to large scale perturbation analysis of cellular gene regulatory networksProf. dr hab. Andrzej Jerzmanowski (IBB PAN) / Prof. dr Roland Eils (DKFZ)
Kamil Kwiatkowski (ICM)Modelling and optimisation of CO and NOx emmission from industrial syngas burners dr hab. Konrad Bajer (UW) / Prof. dr Hans-Georg Bock (IWR)
Michal Łopuszynski (ICM)Multiscale simulations of electronic and structural properties of GaAlInN Quaternary Alloys Prof. dr hab. Jacek Majewski (IFT UW) / Prof. dr Hans-Georg Bock (IWR)
Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM)Mathematical modelling of the impact of heat shock proteins (HSPs) on the neoplastic cells transformationProf. M. Żylicz (ICM,IIMCB) / Prof. M. Niezgòdka (ICM) / Prof. W. Jäger (IWR)
Karol Wawrzyniak (ICM)Multi-agent games, evolution, thermodynamics and applications Prof. W. Wiślicki (ICM) / Prof. G. Reinelt (IWR)
PhD projects - IGK Heidelberg
Dörte Beigel (IWR)Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for PDE and Application in Exothermic Chemical ProcessesProf. H.G. Bock (IWR) / Prof. L. Gradoń (WUT)
Tomasz Bereźniak (IWR)Molecular Simulation on RNA CatalysisProf. J. Smith (IWR)/ Prof. B. Lesyng (ICM)
Christian Fritsch (IWR) Diffusion processes in the interphase cell nucleusProf. Langowski (IWR) / Prof. Niezgòdka (ICM)
Baerbel Janssen (IWR)Numerical methods for the simulation of dynamics and transport mechanisms in lakesProf. R. Rannacher (IWR) / Dr hab. K. Bajer (UW)
Thomas Wick (IWR)Efficient numerical solutions for optimal control problems with fluid-structure interactionsProf. R. Rannacher (IWR) / Dr Jeremi Mizerski (ICM)
Former members
Igor Doktorski (IWR)Biofilms as biological catalystProf. W. Jäger (IWR) / Prof. M. Niezògdka (ICM)
Dirk Hartmann (IWR)Multiscale-modelling, analysis and simulation of mechano-chemical properties of cellsProf. W. Jäger (IWR) / Prof. M. Niezgòdka (ICM)
Dieter Krachtus (IWR)Determination of enzyme reaction mechanisms and pathwaysProf. J. Smith (IWR) / Prof. B. Lesyng (ICM)
Peter Kühl (IWR)Numerical methods for online process optimization in the presence of uncertainty and application to chemical engineering problemsProf. H.G. Bock (IWR) / Prof. L. Gradoń (WUT)
Arkadiusz Majka (ICM)On extensions of thermodynamics and its applications to choice models on graphDr hab. Wojciech Wiślicki (ICM) / Prof. Willi Jäger (IWR)
Franziska Mätthaus (ICM)Hierarchical modeling of prion spread in brain tissueProf. Marek Niezgòdka (ICM) / Prof. Willi Jäger (IWR)
Osman Shahi Shaik (IWR)Control of chemical and biochemical reaction systemsProf. J. Warnatz (IWR) / Prof. J. Gòrecki (IChF PAN)
Monica Tutuianu (IWR)Quantum mechanical calculations of chemical processes at solid surfacesProf. J. Warnatz (IWR) / Prof. J. Gòrecki (IChF PAN)
Peng Wu (IWR)Modeling and simulation of the spray process in turbulent two-phase flowProf. Eva Gutheil (IWR) / Prof. Jerzy Bałdyga

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