The Graduate College "Complex processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization"

Graduate College
Pawinskiego 5a
02-106 Warsaw

fax: +48 22 8749115

Scientific exchange between IWR and ICM
September 2010 (2 weeks)Baerbel Janssen (IWR) at ICM
September 2010 (2 weeks)Thomas Wick (IWR) at ICM
May 2010Doerte Beigel (IWR) at ICM
September 2009Thomas Wick (IWR) at ICM (2 weeks)
September 2009Christian Fritsch (IWR) at ICM
September 2009Doerte Beigel (IWR) at ICM
September 2009Anna Fogtman (ICM) at IWR (1 week)
August-September 2009Tomasz Berezniak (IWR) at ICM
June 2009Kamil Kwiatkowski (ICM) at IWR (2 weeks)
February 2009Baerbel Janssen (IWR) at ICM (2 weeks)
December 2008Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM) at IWR (2 weeks)
September/October 2008Doerte Beigel (IWR) at ICM
September 2008Baerbel Janssen (IWR) at ICM
September 2008Christian Fritsch (IWR) at ICM
August/September 2008Tomek Berezniak (IWR) at ICM
July 2008Zuzanna Szymanska (ICM) at IWR (7 days)
July 2008Anna Fogtman (ICM) at IWR (7 days)
May - June 2008Doerte Beigel (IWR) and Christian Fritsch (IWR) at ICM
November - December 2007
2 weeks
Anna Fogtman (ICM) at IWR
October 2007
1 week
Karine Voltz (IWR) at ICM
September - October 2007Christian Fritsch (IWR) at ICM
August 2007Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM) at IWR
June 2007Anna Fogtman (ICM) at IWR
May 2007Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
January 2007 Igor Doktorski (IWR) at ICM
November - December 2006 Anna Fogtman (ICM) at IWR
November - December 2006 Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM) at IWR
October 2006 Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
August 2006 Karine Voltz (IWR) at ICM
June 2006Dirk Hartmann (IWR) at ICM
June 2006Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
May - June 2006Monica Tutuianu (IWR) and Shahi Shaik (IWR) at ICM
May 2006Igor Doktorski (IWR) at ICM
May - July 2006Maciej Cytowski (ICM) at IWR
December 2005Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
November 2005Monica Tutuianu (IWR) at ICM
October 2005Karine Voltz (IWR) at ICM
October - November 2005Shahi Shaik (IWR) at ICM
September - October 2005Igor Doktorski (IWR) at ICM
June 2005Monica Tutuianu (IWR) at ICM
June 2005Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM) at IWR
May 2005Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
April 2005Dieter Krachtus (IWR) at ICM
March 2005Igor Doktorski (IWR) at ICM
January-February 2005Franziska Matthäus (ICM) and Zuzanna Szymańska (ICM) at IWR
December 2004Peter Kühl (IWR) at ICM
October 2004Dieter Krachtus (IWR) and Monica Tutuianu (IWR) at ICM
October 2004Franziska Matthäus (ICM) and Zuzanna Szymanska (ICM) at IWR
August 2004Igor Doktorski (IWR) and Dirk Hartmann (IWR) at ICM
June 2004Igor Doktorski (IWR) and Dirk Hartmann (IWR) at ICM
May 2004Osman Shahi Shaik (IWR) at ICM
May 2004Lukasz Walewski (ICM) at IWR
February - March 2004Maria Gokieli (ICM) at IWR (postdoc)
August 2003Anna Trykozko (ICM) at IWR (postdoc)
July 2003Jeremi Mizerski (ICM) at IWR
May - July 2003Franziska Matthäus (ICM) and Arkadiusz Majka (ICM) at IWR

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