The Graduate College "Complex processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization"

Graduate College
Pawinskiego 5a
02-106 Warsaw

fax: +48 22 8749115

Past workshops
1-3rd October 2009Workshop: "Mathematical modelling of cellular biosystems II"ICM,WARSAW, Poland
15-16th December 2008Workshop: "Data driven modeling and optimization"ICM,WARSAW, Poland
21-25 July 2008Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex ProcessesIWR, Heidelberg
13-15 March 2008Workshop: Mathematical modelling of cellular biosystemsICM, Warsaw
12-14th November 2007Workshop: SCCH 2007: Scientific Computing and the Cultural HeritageIWR, Heidelberg
24-26 September 2007Workshop: Methods of Molecular Simulation IWR, Heidelberg
26-27th June 2007 Workshop: Visualization in the Natural Sciences and the HumanitiesIWR
Heidelberg, GERMANY
17-19th May 2007 Workshop: Visualisation and Image Processing ICM
Warsaw, POLAND
10-13th May 2007 Spring Workshop: Complex Processes: Modelling, Simulation and OptimizationICM
Warsaw, POLAND
30-31 January 2007Modelling in Life Sciences Warsaw POLAND
18-19 January 2007 From the structure of brain neuronal networks to network activity Heidelberg GERMANY
25-26 October 2006 Dynamic Developments over Complex Networks Warsaw POLAND
20-22 September 2006 Methods of Molecular Simulation 2006 Heidelberg GERMANY
31 July - 4 August KompaktseminarSchwartzwald Germany
17-19 November 2005 "5th FALL WORKSHOP - Complex processes: modelling, simulation and optimisation" Serock POLAND
30 October-11 November Compact course: "Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations" Heidelberg GERMANY
19-21 October 2005 "Mathematical Techniques for Multiscale-Analysis" Heidelberg GERMANY
10-11 October 2005 "Understanding and Control of Complex Chemical Processes" Heidelberg GERMANY
25-27 July 2005 MMS05: Methods of Molecular Simulation 2005 Heidelberg GERMANY
6-8 July 2005 "Parallel Computing" Heidelberg GERMANY
15-16 April 2005"Modelling, Simulation and Control in Chemical Engineering" Warsaw POLAND
16-18 February 2005"Introduction to Mixed Integer Programming" Heidelberg GERMANY
17-28 January 2005Winterschool on "Modelling and Simulation of Complex Processes" Heidelberg GERMANY
4-7 November 2004"4th FALL WORKSHOP - Complex processes: modelling, simulation and optimisation " Bedlewo POLAND
7-8 October 2004"Dynamic Process Optimization" Heidelberg GERMANY
5-8 July 2004 "Mathematical Cell Biology" Heidelberg GERMANY
24-26 May 2004"Introduction to Homogenization" Heidelberg GERMANY
27-28 May 2004 "Optimal Design - Theory and Industrial Applications" Heidelberg GERMANY
24-26 March 2004 "Shocks and irreversible developments in biological systems. Apoptosis and heat-shock proteins" Warsaw POLAND
5-8 December 2003 "3rd FALL WORKSHOP - Complex processes: modelling, simulation and optimisation " Bedlewo POLAND
12 December 2003"Tutorial on Computed Tomography"Heidelberg GERMANY
26-28 November 2003"Computer Graphics and Visualization"Heidelberg GERMANY
16-18 October 2003"Methods of Molecular Modeling and Simulation"Heidelberg GERMANY
12,20,26,27,30 June 2003"Free and Moving Boundary Models for Root Growth, Nutrient Uptake and other Applications"Heidelberg GERMANY
13-14 June 2003"Constructive Debating"Heidelberg GERMANY
13-15 February 2003 "Complex Processes - Approaches to Modelling in Science" Warsaw POLAND
17-18 January 2003"Efficient Numerical Methods for Problems Involving Partial Differential Equations"Heidelberg GERMANY
5-7 November 2002"Introduction to Parallel Computing Workshop"Heidelberg GERMANY
25-26 October 2002"Optimization Course" Heidelberg GERMANY
18-20 October 2002 "2nd FALL WORKSHOP, Complex processes: modelling, simulation and optimisation" Bedlewo POLAND
24-27 April 2002"International Spring School in Multiscale Problems"Heidelberg GERMANY
12-13 October 2001 "1th FALL WORKSHOP, Complex processes: modelling, simulation and optimisation" Warsaw POLAND

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