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28th September 2010 Zuzanna Szymanska got a PhD degree. Congratulations!
22-23 January 2010 IGK Farewell Colloquium, Heidelberg, GERMANY
6-7 February 2009 IGK Annual Colloquium, Heidelberg, GERMANY. Program is available here.
1-2 February 2008 IGK Annual Colloquium, Heidelberg. Pictures are available here. Program.
1-2 December 2006 IGK Annual Colloquium, Heidelberg. Programme and pictures.
20 November 2006 Conference under the auspices of the Minister of Science and Higher Education: Enhancing bilateral Polish-German scientific cooperation in the European Research Area. Programme.
6 October 2006 2nd International Research Training Groups Forum in Berlin. Prof. Hans Georg Bock and prof. Marek Niezg?ka gave a presentation "Funding and Co-Funding / Structural Effects of the IRTG Programme in the Partner Country".
22 September 2006 A group of app. youth from Poland and Germany visited ICM. The visit was organized as a part of the project "Einstein meets Curie-Sklodowska" by the German-Polish Youth Office (Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk)
3 June 2006 Science Picnic 2005 in Warsaw. As in previous year, we represented DFG at the 10th Science Picnic in Warsaw.
7 February 2006 A group of heads of divisions of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, responsible for international cooperation, visited ICM.
2-3 December 2005 IGK Annual Colloquium, Heidelberg. Programme and pictures.
22 September 2005 A group of app. 40 young employees of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research visited ICM.
4 June 2005 Science Picnic 2005 in Warsaw. The Graduate College "Complex Processes: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization" took part in the Picnic as a representative of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

More... (in German)
Article in the Rhein-Nekar-Zeitung (RNZ, 6 July 2005, page 14) (in German)
29 March 2005 President of DFG prof. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker visited ICM.
4 March 2005 First Warsaw International Seminar on Systems and Computational Biology - WISSCB'05 with the participation of prof. Willi Jäger (IWR). Prof. Jäger was awarded the Medal of the Warsaw University.
3 March 2005 Franziska Matthäus and Arkadiusz Majka got PhD degrees. Pictures
11 February 2005 Review Colloquium, IWR, Heidelberg.Pictures
18 - 19 June 2004 A meeting of German and Polish professors in Heidelberg. Discussing new PhD project.Pictures
9 - 13 May 2004 A visit of Prof. Vincenzo Capasso (University of Milan, Italy) in ICM.
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